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Balalaika, come to me!

On April' 8 Mikhail Vizel published the bright article about Aleksey Arkhipovskiy on the musical portal The article is given completely for the English version:

"Balalaika, come to me!
I'll start playing - one, two, three..."
Mikhail Vizel (Russian musical portal
There is a famous anecdote about a Turkish ambassador, invited to France by Louis XIV to see Versailles in all its splendour and brilliance and show him who is who. Ambassador was asked what it was during his visit to France that mostly struck him. He answered in a cool way: "It was my presence here."
The same story happened to me. It was 5-10 years ago, when I used to visit this very well known to all lovers of music of "crazy cuts" place to listen to numerous avant-garde, exotic performances of contemporary music, much more often than now. And if I had been told that I would have run like crazy to a solo concert of a balalaika player, I would have never believed this! To listen to a former Liudmila Zykina ensemble soloist, playing only balalaika..? Alexey Arkhipovskiy in a famous "DOM"? Come on, guys, you are kidding me!
I quite by chance heard him at united concert at" Etnosphere" in December. And now I am rushing to his concert again.  The reason why I am running to his concert is to listen to what Arkhipovsky managed to do with his classic three string balalaika (he plays an instrument of 1928 year). The same thing was done by Jimmy Hendrix with his Fender of 50-s. Jimmy was not the first who ran his fingers that fast on a fingerboard and not the first who cranked up the amplifiers. But he was the first to put a new meaning to electrical guitar playing as a system of guitar itself, an amplifier and electronic sound effects and in fact he was also the first who created a new musical instrument with unbelievable possibilities indeed. This particular dimension was successfully employed later on by such teasing virtuosos as Clapton and Beck, such creators of musical paintings as Page and Gilmour. The same thing happened to Paganini when he revolutionized the violin 200 years ago and released it from the church domination.
And now a nice guy Alexey with shining eyes, fair curls and true Russian habits of a minstrel or a buffoon (without any Hendrix voodoo) does the same thing on his balalaika. Don't miss this event!



TV Kultura 28 April 2011

Фрагменты концерта, записанного TV Культура 28.04.2011 в Светлановском зале Московского международного дома музыки (ММДМ)

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